Directory Listings For SEO – Does It Still Work?

Can you still build quality links from directory sites?

This is the first and probably the most common link building method there is but also one that is plagued with a bad reputation in terms of building quality links

Almost any website today uses this method and all SEO specialists are at least familiar with this method. It is the fastest and easiest way to gain links from all over the internet. So how does this go?

First off, there are websites on the internet designed to provide people a service similar to that of the Yellow Pages. The main difference is that instead of providing the address and phone number of a particular business, it provides the URL of a particular website. These sites are called Directories and they are huge compilations of various sites all over the internet.

What’s great about Directories is that they also categorize the sites listed in them. Although categorization can differ from one Directory to another, it’s still very helpful that they are categorized. And, another great thing here is that you can use them to gain links for your site.

How to build directory links

How To Build Directory Links
Basically all you have to do is to look for a Directory (which isn’t very hard).

Next, look for the button to submit a site to their directory. You are then instructed to fill up a form containing information such as website name, the URL address, a quick description, e-mail of the submitter for verification, etc.

After you do this, click on submit and it will be posted after the owners of the directory approve it.

Accomplish this process a couple of times every day and you’re sure to gain good backlinks for your website.

Now there are good directories and bad directories to submit to. You can identify a good directory if it has a high page rank and if it does not use a “no
follow” tag on the links. Bad directories on the other hand are the exact opposite. They have zero page rank, which could also indicate that they are
blacklisted by Google, and they implement “no follow” tags.

Some directories for you to take a look at

The quality and terms of any site including these directory sites can change over time so be sure to check out each thoroughly before submitted any sites.  Of course, we’ll do our best here to keep our list up to date!