Top Linking Strategies for SEO

Choosing the right keywords and publishing quality keyword-rich content puts you approximately
two-thirds of the way toward optimum search engine recognition. The other third is pretty much
solely based on popularity.

If we were talking about popularity in the real world, it would probably include simple things like
who was voted King and Queen of the high school prom, or who had the most date options on a
Saturday night, or which sibling got the most attention from Mom or Dad.
In the world of search engines, popularity takes on a whole different meaning. And in most
instances, it comes down to this… the website with the most quality links pointing to it wins the

Link popularity.

That’s the game. And the ultimate goal is to get countless “important” websites (those that have a
theme or topic that’s similar to yours) to provide links back to you. Of course, when we’re talking
about importance, we’re referring to how major search engines view them.
Most often, that equates to high page rank and top position in search results. The higher up the
food chain a website happens to be, the more powerful any link they provide back to you is

In order to get the most bang out of the link popularity process, it’s best if you actually seek out
valuable websites. Aside from those you might already have in mind, conduct searches based on
the keywords you’re most interested in gaining search engine recognition for.
Naturally, someone who’s in direct competition with you wouldn’t even consider giving you a link
back. So what you’ve really looking for are popular websites that have content or products that
are either complimentary to yours or are indirectly.

Golf Swing Keywords

For example, let’s say your topic and keyword is based on ways of perfecting your golf swing.
Good link back choices would be websites with the following themes or products:
• information about golf courses or golf tournaments
• golf equipment or apparel
• golf instructors or seminars
If the topic is related to yours and the website that’s providing the link back carries a good deal of
weight with major search engines, the value of your own website will automatically be elevated.
When it comes to the actual link that these valuable and important websites place on their

Always encourage the use of text links rather than just a URL. For example, instead of simply
displaying as the link back to your website, you want something
more substantial and keyword rich. And, of course, search engine friendly.
If one of your keywords is “targeted traffic”, for example, the link might read as follows:
Drive targeted traffic to your website with Adword Analyzer
That not only gives you credit for the keyword, it encourages the search engine crawler to
perceive your website as having more value.
If you have a separate page on your website where you solicit link backs, it’s always a good idea
to list one or more link text possibilities. That way, you’ll receive credit for the keywords you
yourself have chosen to target.

You should also provide the HTML code for placing your link on other websites. Basically, make it
as easy as possible for someone else to add you to their pages.
You should also specify where you require a link back to be placed. Ideally, you would want your
link located on either a home page or one click away from the home page. At the very least, your
link should be located where it will be perceived as valuable by the search engine crawlers.
Buried four or five levels deep on some obscure page that might not even be indexed is
absolutely worthless. The whole point of getting link backs is to gain more importance with the
search engines.

So the bottom line is…

The more control you have over the links that others place on their websites, the more search
engine value you’ll experience.
It takes a good deal of time and effort to encourage high-ranking websites to link back to you.
Make certain you invest whatever additional effort is necessary in order to gain the best possible
link as well.
And the criteria for the best possible link is this:
1. It includes keyword rich text.
2. It originates from a valuable and high-ranking website.
3. It’s placed in what would be considered an important location.
Anything less than that and you’re compromising the whole link back process.
Always keep in mind that in this particular instance, quality will always win out over quantity. Yes,
you want a vast number of links pointing back to your website. But given a choice, you’re much
better off with fewer links from important websites than countless links from sites that don’t carry
much weight with search engines.