What is Social Bookmarking?

All you need to know about social bookmarking.

This is a very unique method because it combines Link Building and Social Media in one. Social Bookmarking has been created as a service for people to use anywhere they are.

Basically in these websites, you can save your favourite web pages for reference or to read later on. Yes, this function is already built in browsers. But, what if you’re on the go and don’t use the same computer every time? What if your machine breaks down?

Social Bookmarking sites give you the opportunity to save your favourite web pages and access it anywhere you are, whichever computer you are using.

So, how does this help in Search Engine Optimization?

The answer is quite simple actually. In order to save web pages in Social Bookmarking websites, you enter the URL in them. This is then placed in your profile page or wall along with all the other pages you’ve saved. And there you have it, instant

Another great thing about Social Bookmarking is the fact that it is SOCIAL.

This means that you can add friends in the website and you can share your list of favourite web pages with them. Much like in Facebook and Twitter, this can easily spread thus giving you a lot of links to your website.

However, there are limitations in making use of Social Bookmarking. Much like in Article Submission and Directory Submission, you cannot submit just any link. If the link you are trying to submit contains adult related materials or inappropriate content, then it will be removed later on and your profile can get banned. So remember not to do that!!!

Other than that, Social Bookmarking is a great way to spread links. It uses the power of Social Media in order to help Link Building.

Does social bookmarking still work?

The general concensus is that yes, it does work to some extent.

As all techniques with SEO they seem to have their day where every SEO marketing team make the most of the technique then it fades away over time.

If you want to give it a go though, here are some suggested sites to try and build your links:





As always, the availability / quality of these sites can change over time so it’s worth checking them out before spending too much time trying to build links with them.