Why Broad Keyword Use Is Bad

One of the most common mistakes that SEO specialists make, especially the new ones, is to choose a keyword which is too broad for the website or page.

Going back to the example of a website selling motorcycle parts; the ideal keyword here is “motorcycle parts” and “motorcycle parts for sale”. You can use variations of this. The important thing is that you know this is the exact term or phrase people will use to look for you.

Now the mistake here is that some people opt to simply use “motorcycles” and “motorbikes” as their primary keywords. That is too broad. These words can mean so many things like motorcycle groups, motorcycles for sale, and anything that is about these vehicles. In essence, you place your website in a very competitive spot.

Although it is not impossible to get the number one spot for “motorcycles” with a site dedicated to motorcycle parts, it is next to impossible.

When you target a keyword that it is too broad, especially single words, you will face steep competition and you are not in a good position to win this battle. More often than not, when this happens, your website would get lost in it all.

Simply put, this is terrible SEO and you should always avoid terms that are too broad for a website or page.

This is unless you have no other choice or it’s the perfect fit. But other than that, don’t do it.